Our philosophy is and always was to serve the customers, save them money and provide better service for them.

Tony Balio started Lightning Freight in 1979 in Utica, bringing a wealth of trucking knowledge with him and expertise as a driver and dispatcher. The company started modestly with just two trucks and grew to a fleet of 32. There was a need for dependable, service-based drayage services that would connect Upstate New York with the major east coast ports. Lightening Fast Freight quickly provided import/export business to every major industry in Upstate.

In December, 2011 Empire Recycling acquired Lightning Fast Freight and the company became Empire Recycling Logistics Corporation. Empire had always done a lot of business with Lighting Fast Freight and had a longstanding relationship, so there was already a synergy present that has grown into a tremendous benefit for the import/export business.


Safety of our drivers and your freight are our main priorities. All drivers are required to pass drug and alcohol testing and are screened throughout the year for drug/alcohol per DOT guidelines. All drivers do a pre-trip and post-trip inspection on trucks and trailers, including tire pressure, breaks, trailer holding air, etc. And our fleet is also equipped with GPS tracking for overall safety of freight and drivers, efficiency assurance and real-time tracking.


- Interstate Commerce Commission motor carrier authority
- US Customs Bonded Motor Carrier
- Cargo liability - insured at $100,000 per load