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"Since bringing the A26-powered International LT and RH Series trucks into its fleet, ERL has experienced zero un-scheduled downtime", according to General Manager Steve Sperbeck.  "We're proud to drive International Trucks.

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“ERL Intermodal is in the driver’s seat”
Central New York Business Journal - February 2018

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. — William Shakespeare

UTICA — In Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet,” the heroine argues that Romeo’s last name shouldn’t be an impediment to their marriage. After all, what difference does a name make?

All the difference in the world if you ask the principals at the former Empire Recycling Logistics Corp. “When our potential customers heard or saw our name, they couldn’t get past the word ‘recycling’,” asserts Steven R. Kowalsky, the president of the enterprise’s holding company — Empire Recycling Corp. “One of our businesses is in intermodal freight, hauling containers by truck to and from ports in the Greater New York–New Jersey metro area. The original name was definitely a hindrance to our growth.”

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ERL Intermodal's Fleet Featured in International Trucks Advertising Campaign


Posted: Jan. 31, 2018 6:21 PM

Updated: Jan. 31, 2018 6:26 PM

Posted By: Kirk Tupaj - WKTV News Channel 2


International Trucks is producing a commercial for a new product line, and they’re utilizing local Utica business. The commercial shoot could have been a difficult task, but getting the local permits and shutting down a number of roads was easy with the help of Utica’s Commissioner of Film, Paul Buckley.


"You know being in the position I have at City Hall, I know the UPD, I know the DOT, I know everybody that has to get… they want something done I know exactly who to go to, and they’re willing to work for me, they’re willing to get things done, and make it a memorable visit here to Utica, so it’s very easy to get things done here production wise."


The production crew kept road closures to a minimum with the help of the Utica Police. In addition to braving the cold temperatures in the back
of a truck, drone video was utilized for a different look. Getting a commercial like this shot can be a logistical nightmare, but Engineworks Films Director Sean Costin had this to say about Utica.


"The thing that’s different about Utica than most places that we go to is the level of cooperation. I mean we’ve had the downtown shut down, we’ve had a major highway shut down, we have full police cooperation, we have full Mayor…the Mayor’s office is behind us, the NY D.O.T. is behind us, the film Commissioner office is behind us, and all it took was a few phone calls and everybody’s gone above and beyond."


Empire Recycling Logistics Intermodal is a small company with only 45 employees, but ERL Intermodal General Manager Steve Sperbeck thinks they were chosen because of their enthusiasm.


"It’s exciting for our little company. We’re in growth mode. We’re probably one of the faster growing trucking companies in the region. International Trucks is a world-wide brand and I’m proud that they picked us."


The commercial is expected to be completed by the end of March and can be seen on International Trucks website.

International Trucks to Film National Ad Campaign
with ERL Intermodal Trucks:

Steve Sperbeck, General Manager of ERL Intermodal, appeared on the Bill Keeler Show (WIBX 950AM) to discuss the filming of a national ad campaign to take place January 30 and 31, 2018.  The ad campaign will feature ERL Intermodal's fleet of International Trucks.

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